Effortless Learning: 7 Best Apps and Websites for Students

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It’s never too late to increase your knowledge, and in the digital age, information has never been more accessible. The good news is, there are lots of apps and websites to learn faster,  Back in your school days, like most school children, you were likely fed heaps of details without being told how to really process the information hence learning websites for students have made learning easy. Here are a few of the best apps and websites for faster learning to help you pursue your quest for understanding, wherever that may take you.

1. Mind Tool

Mind Tools

Mind Tools contribute more than over 2,500 materials to help you develop your personal well-being and career skills. The mindtools are available on apps and websites for free learning.


Surf on Mind Tools toolkit and find out more about its wide library of resources. Whatever type of learner you are, Mind Tools has lots of packages for you. The site offers a collection of acclaimed memory upgrade techniques  Mind Tools learning resources are crafted, written, and regularly updated by our own team of experienced authors and editors, confirming that every piece is ethical, not biased, and exact.


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Whatever learning method best suits you, Mindtool’s multi-choice of learning formats is guaranteed to help you succeed. You can learn using skill books, use self-assessments to learn what areas to improve in and take information from short-form articles. While it cost $27 a month for unlimited access, with its article written by professionals with over 150 years of combined experience, Mindtools is definitely worth its cost.

2. Khan Academy 



Khan Academy is a free website for online learning that provides thousands of educational videos covering mathematics, science, arts, history, and other subjects Khan Academy's website  provides a free personalized learning experience. the website is a non-profit educational  created in 2008, Its goal is to create a set of online tools that educate students. 


The website produces summary lessons in the form of videos. Its website also includes additional practice exercises and notes for educators. It has produced thousands of videos,  teaching a wide extent of academic subjects, focusing on mathematics and sciences. All materials are available for free on the website and application.


Khan Academy is a reliable and highly vital source of academic learning. The website has helped to improve cognitive development, critical thinking skills and can be used in the classroom to aid in engagement. the download is available for iOS and Android devices as well as on desktops. Khan Academy is a website for students totally free.

3. LinkedIn Learning


This is a website that offers video courses that are taught by experts. Leaning online for free to access up to 15,000 courses in more than seven languages available both for free and with a subscription. 


It offers training courses that are perfect for beginners, intermediary learners, and resource persons. LinkedIn Learning courses with certificates are available in categories such as business, entrepreneurship, personal development, design & tech online courses.

4. Reading Trainer 

If you want to retain information faster, improving your reading speed using an app is one of the fast-yielding practices you can be sure of. Significantly increases your reading speed, Exercises your eyes, and improves your mental capacity, Reading Trainer improves your reading speed and retention rate with challenging and fun practices. 

The Power reader allows you to get your daily work done while practicing vital reading skills. Learning reading techniques has never been this interesting! increase your reading speed in just a few days, you can check your reading speed at any time using different reading tests from various topics.  

Questions from the text are used as tests to assess your cognition ability. This is the ideal mix for mastering effective reading skills and high retention rates.

5. How to learn

how to learn

This is another learning website for free. This website is the oldest learning site that we know of, It is the world’s largest learning resource site and you will find lots of practical courses, digital products, and descriptive articles about faster learning. In addition, HowtoLearn.com created the Internet’s first Personal Learning Styles Quiz which is a free tool for you to take as well as the Internet’s first educational newsletter.

6. Natural Reader 

In other to attain the level of a speedy reader and learn how to read a book in a day, in addition to tools in various courses, you can input your reading material at NaturalReaders.com/online  a learning free website, and then crank up the speed of the read-along text. Not only will you then read faster, but your comprehension will also increase because reading and hearing the text covers more surface area of the brain and enhances the input to better memory.

7. ANKI 


Anki is a program that makes remembering things easy, this learning-free app and website are available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and any device with a web browser. Because it's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn. 

Anyone who seeks to remember in their daily life can do a lot from Anki. Since it is content supports images, audio, videos, and scientific markup (via LaTeX), the possibilities are infinite. 

For example:

  • Learning a language
  • Studying for medical and law exams
  • Memorizing people's names and faces
  • Brushing up on geography
  • Mastering long poems
  • Even practicing guitar chords!

 Using any of the listed websites and applications a learner can improve in their reading skill.

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